Top Tips For Updating a Victorian Home

It is a like love gone bad, an affair that started of great but has now turned sour! The panel of oak wood that made your heart race, now makes you feel gloomy and dark. The alcoves, the turrets, the oddly shaped rooms seemed so inviting and romantic before, but now you have no idea on how to furnish and decorate your home!

After few years living in a small Victorian terraced house you can find yourself craving for a big modern bathroom, a simple open floor and ample storage space.

Older homes are beautiful and may seem like living a dream, but the truth is they are simply not designed for modern living.

The plan of a Victorian House seems cluttered and open spaces are hard to come by, instead you may find a maze of small rooms of almost closet size connected by a series of doors and hallways.

But none the less, Victorian houses have a lot of charm and with the right remodelling they can be a dream come true. Most people look to create more space by tearing down old walls, but look out!

Many of these seemingly insignificant walls are actually load bearing. They actually support the upper floors! While your house may not come crumbling down if you remove one wall, there is a risk of the floors beginning to sag. If you want to remove walls you should check with a reputable builder as it may be necessary to have supporting lintels put in place to support the upper floor. You will have to ensure that any major refurbishments made meet building regulations and planning permission is obtained, where applicable, before starting any major renovations.

Luckily there are many ways to update that older house and still keeping structure intact. Don’t remove the entire wall, but cut openings in existing walls. The result will be more space, while still maintaining ambiance.

The number one complaint about Victorian houses is usually the bathroom. Even though modern plumbing were largely available at the time, Victorian bathrooms are small compared to many modern standards. But you can transform them into havens of peace and practicality by adding a few personal touches of Victorian or modern soft furnishings and clever decorating.

Finding extra storage space in a Victorian home has always been a problem, but here are some tips:

* Use the area below the main staircase. This can be opened up to provide space for bureaus and desks, if large enough computer stations can be placed here very effectively. 
* Install bookcases or shelving around windows, doors and in alcoves. 
* The number one rule is “No harm”- meaning do not purposely destroy the original styling and materials. 
* Use the same fabrics and original styles wherever you can. 
* Think creatively about the possibilities instead of the limitations of your house. 
* Decorate in pale or neutral colours or bright vibrant colours to make small rooms appear larger and brighter. 
* Choose full length curtains to add height to a room, coordinate with rugs, runners, cushions and throws.

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